Since Kaspersky came to India in 2005, we have been the face of Kaspersky in the states of Gujarat, Goa, Rajasthan distributing and implementing solutions in all the verticals of Retail / Enterprise / SME.

It has been almost 7 years we have been associated with this AV Major in the capacity of Platinum Partner today for the state of Gujarat.

We are proud to be associated with Kaspersky Labs and having been instrumental in providing cutting edge technologies and a secure computing experience to the customers
Starsoft Solutions has been appointed as an TZVP for the region of South Gujarat for Toshiba Laptops Business & Commercial series.

It is sheer co-incidence that the brand ambassador for both the products we endorse is “Sachin Tendulkar” who today stands for pioneering work, creating records, innovation and legendary reliability.

our endeavor at “Starsoft Solutions” is to relocate and reestablish the brand Toshiba in the region and exceed the expectations of the company by meeting targets and giving channel and end customers a solid unit of computing power in their hands.
“Masterkey” as the name suggests is a unique utility designed to lock and unlock all your data security worries.

It is a simple yet powerful tool to ensure your data protection and the ill’s associated with it in terms of loss both financial and intellectual.

Masterkey in a very human way (1) Locks your computer (2) Locks your folders (3) Lock your network visibility (4) Encrypts your important files ensuring maximum protection with minimal of efforts.

Walk away with USB key and ensure impeccable Data Security. A very simple solution for Data protection against (1) Data Deletion (2) Data Sabotage (3) Data Privacy (4) Data Leakage (5) Data Espionage.